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The pace of releases has slowed to WiiXplorer but here is the R163 of the file browser on the Wii made by dimok and R-win.

Are also available Forwarder v5 and Alternating Forwarder of Leathl & Jeanny

- Copy / move / delete / rename files and folders from SMB / USB / SD / DVD
- View the properties of a file or folder
- Do a search on SD / USB / SMB / DVD / WiiDisk
- Launch a file .dol / .elf
- See the videos of Wii and GameCube
- Open files. TXT /. / XML. MP3 / .OGG / .wav /. SNB /. AIFF
- Read the images formats. PNG /. Jpeg /. GIF /. BMP /. BPD /. TGA /. TIFF /. GD /. GD2
- Slideshow and zoom images
- Convert images to formats. PNG /. Jpeg /. GIF /. BMP /. TIFF /. RM /. GD2
- Make screen captures
- Explore and decompress archives in formats. ZIP /. Rar / zip .7 /. BNR /. U8Archive /. RARC
- Read file. PDF
- FTP Client and FTP Server
- Text Editor
- Support with USB2 cIOS202
- Support for file system FAT and NTFS
- Address bar with road access
- Multi-language
- Support for different fonts
- AutoUpdate

- Fix ugly bug with the file extensions

- Removed all library sources from the source (Including mupdf) and Them Into compiled binaries. You can find the source to the libraries in the branches.
- Added a Setting to adjust the file extension. You can enter the extension There Separated with a ',' and decide how to file With That Should Be Gold started "just add missing extensions.
- Made the controls of the app configurable. Added a WHERE Setting You Can adjust the buttons of a WiiPAD, Classic Controler or GC PAD.

- A few "optimizations for the PDF Viewer
- Removed compile warnings
- Set fallback make for pdf viewer to Be the default one ("useful for CJK support)
- Added messages Proper prompt and proper shutdown of App When the viewer is out of memory and gets a fatal error.
- Better memory usage for just one colored image (memory none at all now)

- PDF Viewer