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PriiLoader is developed by Homebrew DacoTaco & phpgeek that can save you from a brig if you do not have it as BootMii boot2.
Is the direct continuation of the project Preloader Crediar OpenSource past.

You can configure via the Priiloader Setting Editor , and the possibility of adding a password and launch WW / VC (If patch ES).
You can choose to be charged by the hacks priiloader thanks to Hacks.ini Generator.

The Installer / Uninstaller allows you to install or update your current Priiloader without deleting the old version:
Press (+) to install or update.
Press (-) to remove and Priiloader remmetre your system menu.
Press (B) with an option whether to use the above IOS249 (CIOS Waninkoko).
Press (HOME) to exit the installer.

To start or configure Priiloader, press RESET when starting the console.

v0.4 (rev88)
- Fix an error in the list of channels.
- Fix for bugs causing a Green bar on the system menu
- Fix code dump

v0.4 (rev86 rev87 &)
- No modification of the homebrew

v0.4 (rev85)
- Small code cleaning

v0.4 (REV84)
- Fix loading string.