News/release from dheart88

Here's my DS game.. the title is blitz kart. The idea is to make a 3D racing kart game like mario kart but It' for free. Here is the list of the feature:

- It has story mode, so the player will understand the reason of each character's will to win.
- There are 8 playable character and 1 NPC boss
- 10 thematic arena
- items and powerups
- multiplayer support (by connect DSes to AP first)
- BGM and SFX.. (of course)
- Minigame(s)
- logo editor (in mario kart, it's called emblem)

Here's the screenshot of the last month progress (sorry I have to put the old screenshot here since the latest one is in my notebook and It still in one big problem because I can't combine the main gameplay class with the menu class, well I'm still working on it):

[Images not permitted - Click here to view it]

it's still 30% of all.. and now, I can only post this demo:

This demo only show the second map ("waterheaven" is the name of the map..and the minimap you see on the lower screen is actually designed for 1st map "loop arena").. There's no map collision at the moment because I put the 2nd map apart with the main project.. I hope for the feedback..

Any feedback is appreciated.. and sorry for my bad english