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cosmic4z informs us that the binary "Qwak is available, an excellent game platforms developed a few months ago only to be passed in a cartridge in a limited edition (300 units). The author therefore decided to distribute the rom free but you can still donate if you wish.

IS Qwak for Game Boy Advance based on the Amiga version of the game, developed by me, and Published by Team 17.

This version Was Developed for the Game Boy Advance, howeve, it est aussi 100% compatiable with, and works ok on a DS.

There are only 300 copies of this game, In The Entire Known Universe. So do not miss this Golden Opportunity ... To get your very own piece of gaming history today, Simply click on the big buy now button. Remember, Qwak Is Not available in the shops, and the only place you can get Qwak is here, direct from the developer. Thanks for your support!

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