The "WiiWaa" doll introduced us to the concept of cramming a Wiimote into a doll's mouth and using that to interact with a game. Majesco is bringing that same idea to a much more mainstream game: the previously trademarked Babysitting Mama.

Using a plush baby into which you have tucked a Wiimote -- and also using the Nunchuk that is somehow hanging out of this plush baby or something -- you play 40 minigames in the usual Cooking Mama style; representing tasks like feeding and changing a baby, or rocking it to sleep. The game will feature six different virtual babies with unique personalities, though you'll be using the same proxy doll to manipulate all the e-babies.

Babysitting Mama is due out this holiday. Unfortunately, Majesco has yet to release an image of the doll, so we can't yet gauge how creeped out we're going to be by this game.