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Thread: SabaccPortable new release and source

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    Hey guys,

    After a year hiatus, I've finally gotten to fix the SourceForge repository and missing code. The source available on SourceForge.Net is now complete and can be built with little (see below), or no modification.

    The (outdated) front page:

    The SF.Net project page, with links to the file, README and Subversion repository:

    This was my first C++ project, and I was learning as I was going along, so be nice . If you're learning and want to learn how NOT to code, check out the source.

    A note, I've been playing with C++0x, and so I was playing with gcc 4.5.0 and this project to test my build. There is some code that may need to be changed when building with the psp toolchain's default (I think its in the 4.3 series). Let me know if you experience any problems with the EBOOT on the site, tell me what you were doing when it happened and I'll look into it.

    EDIT: I still need artwork!
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