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Thread: Nintendo still least Greenpeace-friendly company

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    Rev Nintendo still least Greenpeace-friendly company

    Greenpeace has once again named Nintendo as the least environmentally-friendly console manufacturer, a status it has maintained for the entirety of the Wii's lifetime.

    In the latest of Greenpeace's regular reports 18 major consumer electronics manufacturers are rated according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change.

    Companies are scored according to their stated policies, but controversially if no public information exists then Greenpeace automatically scores them zero points in that area. For a company as naturally secretive as Nintendo this has lead to repeated low scores and bottom of the table performances.

    Nevertheless, Nintendo did see some small improvement in this month's results, with their overall score rising from 1.4, out of a possible 10, to 1.8. It gained points for managing chemical substances and publishing its standards for chemicals management.

    In response to the last report in January Nintendo claimed that the Wii was the most energy efficient of all the current generation consoles. Greenpeace has acknowledged the energy efficiency of the Nintendo DSi AC power adapter, but criticised the company for increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Microsoft has fared little better in the list of companies, placed only two places ahead at number 16 in the list. This is an improvement of one place on the previous report, as its score rises from 2.4 to 3.3.

    Sony ranks at joint sixth in the list, with a score of 4.9 - a slight decrease on the previous report. The highest ranked company is Nokia with a score of 7.5, with Apple at Number five on a score of 4.9.

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    No one is "Green Friendly" and we have not been since we killed off the Natives on every shore.

    Industrialists have known they are polluting the people, animals, and earth since day one. More than that they knew they were killing men in the coal mines, on the battle field, in the factory, and orphaning children.

    All this green movement crap has turned into is a means by which the U.N. can impose unethical taxes upon the people for using poisonous products which were built by the same companies who funded the U.N. and it's various tentacles and heads since the get go.

    It's all a vicious cycle. Besides most people fail to note that most of our factories are across seas where are cheap disposable and over produced products are made by under paid workers, peasants, prisoners, and in some cases slaves. On top of that in order to have an "eco friendly" factory, you have to reply upon non-eco friendly sources to have it all put together.

    It's all a farce!

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