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Thread: Half Byte Loader revision 85

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    psp Half Byte Loader revision 85

    News via

    Wololo via his blog has made available the latest stable revision of Half Byte Loader information about important changes to the one exploits that can launch homebrew PSP fw struts 5.50, 5.55, 5.70, 6.00, 6.10, 6.20.
    The open source project will follow two parallel directions, try to maintain a stable and exploit the system will be maintained high compatibility with all present primcipali homebrew on PSP, the other called "P5" will involve a more experimental path in search new solutions, when it has reached satisfactory levels, the two projects will be gathered and follow the same path.
    Meanwhile, users must use the review of Half 85 Bytes Loader that at present it is the most reliable.

    Half Byte Loader revision 85:

    - Vare code improvements from the revised 79
    - Improved stability and speed of execution of the exploit

    NB: We remind users that you must have installed the demo for Patapon 2 U.S. to launch the exploit.

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    For some strange reason, i could never get this exploit to work on my psp go 5.70 and psp go 6.20. what am i doing wrong.

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    for some reason it just always crashing on a go with 5.70 update and it will work fine

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    If you are running this exploit on a PSP Go!, you need to install the DEMO, savedata, and HBL files into SYSTEM STORAGE. If you try to run it from memory stick, it will just freeze

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