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NES emulator for Windows has been updated recently. Changes:
- Added microphone support option. When enabled, Port 2 Start activates the Microphone. Added movie recording of mircophone;
- Fully implemented "bulletproof" read-only;
- Movie code now fully conforms to the Savestate section of the Laws of TAS;
- Movies now have a "finished" mode. If a playback stops the movie isn't cleared from memory, and can be replayed or a state loaded. Similar functionality as DeSmuME and GENS rerecording;
- Implemented a "full savestate-movie load" mode similar to the implementation in VBA-rr and SNES9x-rr. In this mode loading a savestate in read+write doesn't truncate the movie to its frame count immediately. Instead it waits until input is recording into the movie (next frame). For win32 this feature is togglable in movie options and the context menu. For SDL this is off by default and a toggle will need to be added.
- Faster loading of Movies and Savestates;
- New lua functions;
- fixed crash on movie finished;
- Fix PlayMovieFromBeginning when using a movie that starts from savestate;
- New and improved input display;
- Autohold display fixed with 4 player support;
- Win32 NTSC Filter Video options;
- Win32 - Many feature enhancements to the Cheats dialog;
- Win32 - Debugger - many crash bug fixes and breakpoint handling fixes.

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