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We're the Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2010 is officially closed to all new entries. We record eight original entries, we égalons the number of entry games last year. I confess that I expected to see more entries, but 8 is still very good. I want to thank all the authors for their participation projects, thanks to you we can organize competitions.

Here is a list of all entries:

- 24 points per skyfrog (France)
- Alien Puzzle Wii Gemis (USA)
- Wii JellyCar by Drakon (Poland)
- Nanomech by EvilTroopa (France)
- PixelMerge by evilynux (Canada)
- PixelPlot by Morukutsu (France)
- Scape by Sheeft (France)
- SwingBall by ThatOtherPerson (Canada)

I invite all members of the jury to download the archive above to reach their scoring, scoring system identical to last year.

Thank you and good luck to all participants, the results will be posted no later than June 30, 2010.