There are now over five million PSN accounts in Japan, Sony has confirmed, who seems pretty chuffed with the milestone.

So pleased, in fact, that it's giving away five WHOLE Bravia 3DTV to five lucky PS3 owners in Japan. The promotion apparently starts on June 3, according to JPS, and five of those 5,000,000+ accounts will be plucked out of a giant virtual hat for the prize.

In a promotion more likely to benefit people who don't have houses covered in horse shoes and Buddha statues though is the reduction of all paid-for content on the Japanese PlayStation Home by 50% - presumably for a limited time although this went unspecified on JPS and we're not of the Japanese-reading variety.

Sony's European PlayStation boss has confirmed that a subscription PSN service is on the way to PS3 - and that details are set to be revealed 'soon' - possibly at E3.