News/release from ponlork

Minna Konbanwa! I've enabled the Custom Mode, now you're able to input words directly from your psp. The words will be automatically saved and you can manually add/delete at anytime. The Custom Question limit is only 10 for now, I'm still trying to work out the kinks. I also added 3 new stages so now there's 9 total. To access the additional stages press Right on the menu screen to toggle to the next page. As usual I've added more audio and images. Unfortunately I had to remove two audio tracks, the comedic "Hontou" routine in stage 4 and the "Drop the World" background music in stage 6. For some reason the game kept crashing when I kept them in this version. Probably using too much memory. I hope to fix the issue on my next release. Thanks everybody for making my previous version reach 1700+ Downloads!