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    ps3 Review: Wireless Magnetic Induction Charger

    Wireless Magnetic Induction Charger
    Manufacturer: DragonPro
    Site: Buy from Goldenshop
    Price: $22.00

    Overview : Charge your PS3 wireless controller wirelessly with no wires with new magnetic induction technology. Charge 2 controllers at the same time.

    Features :
    • Specially designed multi-connection points - just put on to anywhere of the platform to charge.
    • Quick charge function with any USB socket - e.g. PS3, computer, etc.
    • Fully compatible with any PS3 wireless controller and PS3/Slim console.
    • Easy to use - just plug in the charger cap and put onto the charger platform.
    • Blue LED Light indicator for charging status
    • 2 controllers (not included can be charged simultaneously)

    Ultra slim charger platform:
    • Input: DC5V; max. 1.5A
    • Output: 6.5V; max 800A
    • Cable length: 80 cm

    Charger cap:
    • Input: 5V; max. 380A
    • Charging hour: about 3 hrs

    Package includes:
    • Charger platform x 1 pc
    • Charger cap accessories x 2 pcs
    • 2-to-1 USB power charge cable x 1 pc

    Quality/Usability : With wireless magnetic induction revolutionizing the way we charge our portable devices, who needs wires or wall chargers anymore? To charge a PS3 controller, you would need to connect it via USB cable to either your computer or PS3. Dragon has released a magnetic induction charger for the PS3 controller. Included is the charging platform, 2 charger caps and 2-to-1 USB cable.

    To connect the charger caps, there are 2 ways to hold it in place. The first is just plugging it to the USB port and thats it. This allows quick removal if needed. The second way still requires you to insert it into the USB port but if you plan on keeping it on the controller and not removing it, there is a spring loaded clip on the inside of the charger cap. Simply pull this out and place it at the bottom of the controller. If you let go, it springs back into the charger cap. My only complaint about the cap is that its hard to pull out the clip. There is a groove to allow your fingers to pull it out but it wasnt big enough and if you have big fingers, you'll definitely have problems. I had to use a small object to help me pry it out. Once locked in, the charger cap is held in place pretty well. It does add about an inch to the back of your controller but is not in the way of your fingers. To remove, just pull the clip down, slide it back and pull it out of the USB port.

    The charging platform is very thing and not bulk. The platform measures approximately 8 inches x 6 inches which just barely fits 2 controllers and has a blue LED status indicator and DC 5V input. To power the charging platform, you would connect a 2-to-1 USB cable. I do not know why there are 2 USB cables. I have tried plugging just one USB plug and the blue LED status indicator still lit up. Whether I have 1 or 2 USB plugs plugged in, it still charged the PS3 controller. Maybe the extra USB plug provides extra power? Even so, it takes about 3 hours to charge a fully depleted controller whether you're using one USB or both.

    Once plugged in, the moment you place your controller on top of the platform, the LEDs on the controller begin to blink to show that its charging. No matter how you have the controller positioned, its still able to charge.

    Whats great is that even though the charger cap uses a micro-USB, with a little bit of creativity, I was able to make my own PowerMat and use my micro-to-mini USB cable, connect it to the charger cap and be able to charge my Blackberry. However, placing the charger cap on the platform to charge the Blackberry caused my Blackberry to pop up with a message saying that the some USB hubs might not provide enough power and to plug my Blackberry into a power outlet and reconnect my device or to connect to another USB port such as a different computer, USB hub or travel charger. Even with the message, the charging status icon on my Blackberry still showed. Maybe it wouldnt charge as quick as it would if it was plugged into a more powerful USB port.

    This adapter can be purchased for as cheap as $1.22USD+shipping at

    Conclusion : Overall, the Wireless Magnetic Induction Charger worked great and charged the PS3 controller without the hassle of wires. However, there were a few complaints. When the 2-to-1 USB cable was plugged in, the blue LED light sometimes wouldnt come on. If it did come on, it would slowly fade away as if there was power and than there wasnt. What is causing this to happen is the DC 5V port and the USB cable is poor connection. I had to push the plug in a certain direction so that there was power again. Unable to pull out the spring clip with out the assistance of long nails or a small item can be a hassle.

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