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Thread: New DBZ RPG coming to DS in December?

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    NDS New DBZ RPG coming to DS in December?

    Via DSfanboy

    a Japanese scan shows that a new Dragonball Z RPG title is headed to the DS this December. This estimated release date is obviously for the Japanese gaming world and does not apply to us lowly gamers outside of the Mecca of gaming that the nation is, so we'll have to wait a tad bit longer.

    No other information can be taken from the scan, other than the knowledge that someone apparently did not enjoy the figurines, choosing to angrily place a giant X across a majority of the scan. The magazine in which this scan comes from is also a mystery at this time.

    Scan Via Comments

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    Okay.. and why does anyone thing that this is an advert for a DS DBZ rpg? There's no screen, and these are NOT figurines that "come with" the game, they're the type that you can buy in an individual box and get a random figurine, which is something common throughout Japan for many series. You can even see the price (300yen, 315 with tax).

    The only thing that even mentions the game is in the lower-right corner saying simply "December/DS/DBZ RPG". With no previous mention, no note on TGS about the game, and the fact that a good majority of the DBZ games nowadays are coming from the states, I think it's best to takes this one with some caution.

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