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Thread: PSP Keys Test v3.0

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    psp PSP Keys Test v3.0

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    After almost a year, our DedDinO_94 user releases the new version of its homebrew PSP Keys Test, which allows us to test the correct operation of the keys to the screen displaying a simple representation of the console and an icon lit match up down . In this new version of the HB has been totally changed in all aspects, both in graphics and in the functional. We used the LUA Player HM 8.1 and various tests have all been rewritten to 0, now in test control of all keyboard keys can be tested, the test control of funds has been rewritten, it has also added a new test with you can check for Bad-Pixel and then repair them. Finally thanks to the coder return0000 Netlib was added a script to update the HB directly from your PSP using a Wi-Fi.
    Afterwards, for more information, find the complete changelog, some screenshots and the link to download.



    - New layout, much more pleasant and intuitive (Graphics By BURG)
    - Homebrew converted to LUAPlayerHM 8.1
    - Much improved uploads
    - New Test control buttons, you can now test the buttons: Volume (- and +), brightness and the Note button (hold)
    - New Analog Test Control integrated with that of Keys
    - Added control Pixel Test
    - Added automatic update feature (Netlib By return0000)
    - Removed the Test Control WLAN on the futility
    - Homebrew translated into 2 languages: ENG and ENG

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    Homebrew translated into 2 languages: ENG and ENG ...

    very funny would that be American and British english:rofl:

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