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Thread: New Guitars of Guitar Hero Become Customizable

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    Home/News New Guitars of Guitar Hero Become Customizable

    The new Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock will bring 90 new tracks and some additional game modes. But the biggest addition is the controller redesign and the ability to be able to customize it.

    All Guitar Hero games will continue to be backward compatible with older guitars—all of the buttons remain unchanged—the new wireless controllers have consolidated all of the electronics into the neck and fretboard, leaving the body free of any responsibilities beyond aesthetics.

    Since there are no integrated circuitry built into the body, you can swap them out freely without any problems and they attach to the fretboard like wings. The shot above is the standard controller that will come with the game. This second guitar is a Gamestop-exclusive design, which will be available to those who preorder Warriors of Rock in addition to the body that everyone else receives:

    Even without the guitar body wings attached, you can still play with the fretboard. The new guitars will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions of Warriors of Rock. There is no pricing for any of the components.

    Source: Gizmodo
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    Probably cool and all, but I guess most of the people already owning Guitar Hero games will not want to get new customizable guitars. I doesn't add much value.

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