Well, it looks like Adobe isn't wasting much time in fixing that "critical" Flash vulnerability that could allow remote hijacking of a user's computer, but it's a slightly different story when it comes to patching Adobe Acrobat and Reader. According to Adobe, the Flash fix will be rolled out by tomorrow at the latest, but it says the fix for Reader and Acrobat won't be available until June 29th. Somewhat curiously, Adobe says it had considered rushing out a "one-off 0-day" fix for Reader and Acrobat as soon as possible, but says that would have caused too much "churn and patch management overhead on our users" considering there's already a regular quarterly update scheduled for July 13th. So, instead, Adobe has decided to push that update up to June 29th and simply include the fix for the vulnerability with it. In the meantime? Stay frosty, we guess.