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Overall, Starfox Command is a great looking, fast paced action shooter if not for the strategy element in between but, in my opinion its always good to have something new and the maps offer a little challenge when you first play them. Story mode doesnt take any longer than a few hours to play through but, with the additional routes and endings that you can unlock after the first play, theres still a lot of gameplay left. The main story itself is a little on the short side despite the non-linear approach but still fun to replay for the various levels.

Import Friendly

Yes, there will be an English version of the game but if you cant wait before then and dont mind missing out on the story then, the Japanese version is very playable. Map and character names before battles are all in English so you shouldnt have problems when discussing the game with other players either. However, you might have some problems navigating through the Wi-Fi games.

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