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Thread: White iPhone 4 likely not available at launch

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    ipod White iPhone 4 likely not available at launch

    The popular rumor going around right now at the eleventh hour is that AT&T will only be offering the black iPhone 4 models for pre-order tomorrow and at launch, with their white counterparts coming "later this Summer." Considering the fact that the white version of the 4 is quite a bit more distinctive than the 3G / 3GS, that's a bummer if true -- but what we don't know is whether this is strictly limited to AT&T. It's entirely possible that Apple and third-party retailers will be offering the white models, and AT&T's own distribution channel might just be suffering from some sort of buffoonery (that's our hope, anyhow). Lending credence to the rumor is the fact that Japan's SoftBank has already officially announced that it'll only be offering the black models initially -- and when we pressed AT&T on the matter, we got "no comment" in return. It's not looking good, folks.

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    Well sadly there is a lot of people in the world so desperate to buy anything by Apple they'll run out and buy the black one then buy a white one as well when released, but does Apple know how shallow some of it's userbase can be? You damn sure they do.

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