Sony has released a new version of the Digital Comics Reader for PSP, adding a host new features and improvements to the app.

It looks better, has more options in menus to manage and use your content, and supports a wider range of audio formats, among other additions.

A full list of changes is below, along with instructions on how to upgrade:

Collection browsing

* If you're running out of free space, you can now delete comics from your collection. Simply browse to the item details and press the [square] button. You can also delete single items or a series from the carousel (don't worry - you can freely re-download items that you delete as many times as you want!)
* You can now choose to browse any titles in your collection by publisher
* Your comics are now automatically categorised in multiple genres. All titles in your collection, old or new, will benefit from this change. Sadly, we don't yet have a "Zombie" genre.
* The database system has been overhauled and is now much faster to update and access.


* Support has been added for media formatted to be read right-to-left (Manga, for example). AutoFlow controls are reversed when reading in this mode.
* Can't wait to find out what happens next? If you have multiple issues of a series, the Reader will offer to move on to the next issue when you reach the end of your current issue.

Music & Sound

* The MP3 Player has been renamed as the Music Player, and now supports music in MP4 and AAC format. MP3 support has also been improved.
* Any comics with a soundtrack or audio commentary (found in the Extras tab in the comic summary screen) now indicate the progress of lengthy audio clips. Audio clips are no longer interrupted by turning the page or by AutoFlowing backwards.
* The PSP Remote Control is now supported. With a music track active, you can use the Remote Control to pause/unpause, and to trigger the previous or next track in the current playlist.

Cosmetic updates have been made, to keep the Digital Reader slick and smooth.

How do I upgrade to the new version?

1. If you don't have the Digital Comics Reader application on your PSP yet, follow these instructions.

2. If you are already using the Reader, check which version of you are currently using. To do this, navigate to the Digital Comics icon on your XMB (under "Extras") and hit the Triangle button. Select "version information" from the available options. If you see 1.01, you need to upgrade!

3. Hit "Yes" to launch the browser (you'll need to have wi-fi connection) and follow the on-screen instructions to download version 2.01 of the Reader.

If you don't have Wi-Fi, hit the source link below for more info.