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Xerax released Freehood360 v1.0 RC1 to be used with homebrew360s:
I made this application since I wanted to give the JTAG community the ability to use official tools and tools the lucky Devkit owners can have. I started coding in Early may 2010 and development got a bit slow due to many things; Exams, Busy with my Fiance, Reach Beta, Mapping Plugins for Reach, Other projects, Lazyness and other stuff. Also a huge problem of not being about to rig my dev up to be able to test and not having a JTAG so development of the browser was restricted to coding on friends computers VIA Teamviewer. Then the added bonus of the second i finish school and can really press on with coming, Micrsoft decided to Brick my Dev, so i had to go back to developing over Teamviewer.
But i managed to pull my finger out and deliver this application. I hope you enjoy it and i might be releasing more features and updates depending on if you guys want it and how busy i become with more advanced school over the next two years, Who knows?
I hope you enjoy and i suppose here is my gift to the JTAG Community.

Features in RC1:
- Add/Edit/Removal of Devices in the Applcation.
- Ability to browse files on all devices in or on the xbox (Hdd1, HddX, Flash, Usb[i], Memcard[i] ect)
- Look and feel of Xbox 360 Neighbourhood in the Xbox 360 SDK
- Download and Upload files directly to the Device.
- Supports Infinite amout of JTAG's (But who has more than 10 at the most... lol.)
- Support for Development Kits (Reviewer, Test, Stress Test, Demo ect)
- Exception catching, so it shouldn't be a bitch and through a emo fit if you do something stupid.
- Creation of Folders
- Creation of Text and INI files
- Many More...