Codemasters has promised fans of the Colin McRae: DiRT franchise that the third in the series will feature the very latest technology - possibly including 3D capability.

The title was outed last month by the firm - who revealed that it would be adding dynamic weather effects to the game.

However, it appears that won't be the last flashy trick up Codemasters' sleeve.

"We've never made any secret of our strategy to achieve market strength in the genre of racing," Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens told CVG.

"The approach will be that we'll annualise Formula One and alternate DiRT and GRID [one every two years]. And we'll alternate them because we want the experience to grow each time.

"Obviously, the way the games are written today, within that the design of the game will lend itself to online, and we're conscious of the fact that 3D is becoming a factor.

"And we're also conscious of the fact that games should deploy virtual goods trading opporutnties within them.

"Given that DiRT 3's out there on the drawing board, I'm sure we'll want to address most of those elements."

Sony revealed that Gran Turismo 5 would be getting the 3D treatment at E3 last week.