Neoflash have released a new version of their software for the Snes/N64 and Megadrive/32X Flash carts.

Heres whats new:

The MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.02 [June.29th 2010]


[2010-6-21 V1.0 beta5]
* fix snes can't patch bug
* fix flash rom format bug
* add neo2 shell folder bar
* add md plug in files

[2010-6-25 V1.01]
* fix bug of add in win7
* update SNES BIOS to V0.26
* update MD BIOS and plugins
* and shell folder bar

[2010-6-28 V1.02]
* fix modify bug(which can't see the modify after done) in 1.01
* fix gba browse bug in V1.01
* upgrade the SNES menu / MD menu / MD plug in to the last version, thanks Mic_, ChillyWilly and Conle!