In an interview with PSNStores, 24 Caret Games' Matt Gilgenbach offered an update on the development of the time-reversing rhythm shmup ... thing, Retro/Grade. Most obviously, the PSN release is getting a nice visual boost over what has been shown: "We've redone pretty much all the graphics to make the game look really snazzy on your HDTVs," Gilgenbach said, "especially because Retro/Grade runs at Full HD (1080p) at 60 fps with anti-aliasing." Power-ups (and power-downs) have also been added, as have "some epic reverse boss fights" that the team isn't talking about yet.

If you want to try out the odd guitar-controlled PSN game (and there will be a demo!) you'll have to jump forward in time to next year: "I am confident we will release it sometime in 2011," Gilgenbach said, "but I can't really narrow it down too much further."