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Thread: Review: Bannco xScorch Scorch 360 PC

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    xbox 360 Review: Bannco xScorch Scorch 360 PC

    Bannco xScorch Scorch 360 PC
    Manufacturer: Bannco
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from Amazon / Buy from Bannco Authorized Dealers
    Price: $79.99

    Overview : The Scorch controller is the most advanced universal cross-platform gaming tool for PC and Xbox 360. Scorch is compatible with all PC and 360 games. Use the mouse for targeting prey while moving with the left hand grip for full motion control. Between the Mouse and Grip, Scorch contains all the normal Xbox 360 controller buttons making it ideal for that first person PC shooter game style you’re used to. Get the PC experience on the console or play PC games on a TV without a keyboard.

    Programmable, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of accuracy and customization. Scorch is also a full featured wireless PC gaming WASD controller.

    The ultra-high resolution laser mouse and pistol grip is the best game controller in the world.

    Note: You will need a wired Xbox 360 controller to first initiate Scorch on the 360. After initiated, you use the Mouse and Grip as a full featured wireless game controller.
    Note: Wireless communicator is suggested.

    • Officially licensed product.
    • High End 2.4G wireless laser mouse controller combo set
    • Cross-platform with full Xbox360 and PC game support.
    • Adjustable sensitivity.
    • Designed for high precision and speed.

    Quality/Usability : XCM is known for their XFPS line which allows you to use a keyboard and mouse combination for speed and accuracy as you would find when playing PC first person shooters. Although majority of gamers would consider the Xbox 360 as the ideal controller when playing first person shooter, some may not. Especially PC gamers. The Scorch (sometimes also called xScorch) has a bit of both mouse, keyboard and controller all mashed into one, combining a wireless mouse with a wireless nunchuck like controller called a WASD grip. Included in the packaging along with the wireless controllers is a USB dongle, short USB to mini USB cable, quick start card (on a piece of paper) and extra pads for the bottom of the mouse. No instruction manual or software disc is included. The quick start card is very vague and did not give a lot of information. But for a more detailed manual, visit here. If you want more information on setting up and other information, visit Bannco's website.

    The quality of the controllers are actually pretty good. The casings have a solid feel to them. The buttons feel good, they click and are laid out in a place where its comfortable and easy to reach. Both the grip and mouse require 1x AA battery each. So that means the mouse uses 1 AA battery and the grip uses 1 AA battery. On the mouse, the expected right (RB) and left (RT) mouse buttons, 4-way depressable scroll wheel, a power/start button, the familiar A, B, X and Y buttons on the left side where you thumb would rest and a "F" button above where your thumb rests. The "F" button acts as a function where you would hold down the "F" button and scroll the wheel mouse up or down to increase or decrease sensitivity, respectively and to activate rapid fire. The WASD grip is also decked out with buttons. It has the 4 directional buttons in the middle of the grip, analog joystick, power/guide button, back button and upper (LB) and lower (LT) trigger buttons. Unfortunately, you will not be able to power on the Xbox 360 with the Scorch 360. If the mouse and grip has been inactive for 8 mins, it will automatically shut off so it does not drain your battery. If the LEDs on the grip or mouse flash fast, this indicates low battery and that it would need to be replaced.

    To setup the Scorch 360 on your Xbox 360, plug your wired Xbox 360 controller into the short USB to mini USB cable. Plug the mini USB cable into the Scorch USB Dongle and than plug the dongle into one of the front USB ports on the Xbox 360. Press the power button on the top of the Mouse and press the Guide button on the Grip to power up.

    Pressing the Mouse wheel down acts as your Right Analog Stick Down. If you press and hold the F button and roll the wheel forward, you increase the sensitivity. To decrease sensitivity, press and hold the F button and roll the wheel backward. Note that there are 20 sensitivity adjustments when on the Xbox 360. To turn on or off the mouse wheel features - press and hold mouse F and press mouse wheel down. You can also use the 4-way directional wheel mouse for quick view to the left, right, up and down. To enable or disable rapid fire, press and hold the F button then press RT (Left Click). You can adjust the shot repetition in the xScorch Setup Utility.

    In order to remap the buttons you would need a Windows XP/Vista operated PC. Sorry Mac users. The xScorch Setup Utility allows you to remap both Xbox 360 and PC use. The configuration is fairly simple. There are pictures of the buttons and a map of a the controller. To change a button, simply drag the button to the location you want to place it. If you remap the buttons, they are saved onto the mouse and/or grip so you will not have to remap them everytime. But if you're playing a different game and want to remap them to a different setup, you'll need to use the software.

    I tend to take my time and aim my crosshairs at my enemy's but this is not good when you're in a fast paced match. I sometimes overshoot my aim and just start shooting all over the place. I get a little too excited and press/push the analog stick a little too far. However, with a mouse setup, my aim and precision is more precise. The ability to adjust the sensitivity to my likings and what I am comfortable with is great. Having played COD: MW2, GRAW2, HALO, I've noticed that my kills have increased and my aims are a lot better.

    Unfortunately, I'm not much of a PC gamer but it wouldnt be a review without one.

    To setup the Scorch to your PC, plug in the USB Stick into your computer USB port. The first time you plug the Stick into the port you will notice that MS Windows shows a message on the bottom right corner that says – “Installing New Hardware.” Allow Windows to finish installing your drivers by selecting all the default options. When Windows has finished you will see a message on the bottom right corner that says “Your device is now ready to use.” It may go through several pop-up windows to finish the device installation. Press the START button on the top of the Mouse and press the Guide button on the Grip to power up.

    To increase the Mouse resolution press and hold the F button and roll the mouse wheel forward. To decrease the resolution press and hold the F button and roll the wheel backward.

    There are four CPI mouse resolutions to choose from. To increase the laser resolution press and hold the F and roll the mouse wheel forward. To decrease the laser resolution press and hold the mouse F button and roll the wheel back. The resolution is stored in memory so it does not need to be set each time you use your controller

    By default, the button layout for PC is as follows (Bannco = Keyboard). Use the Scorch config utility to change and set Grip or Mouse buttons to the button layout you want.

    BACK = E
    GUIDE = F

    Y = C
    X = Z
    A = X
    B = L
    START = Q

    If you get a replacement mouse, stick, grip or even if your devices looses their sync, you can match them up.

    Note: You don’t need to match every time you use them.

    To match the devices:
    a) First press the small button on top of the Stick. A green LED on Stick will flash quickly to indicate it is waiting to be matched.
    b) Then within 10 seconds, press the small button on the underside of the Mouse. A solid LED indicates the Mouse is matched.
    c) Press the small button on top of the Stick again. Now press the small button in the Grip battery bay to complete the matching.

    If you miss pressing a device button, after 10 seconds the Stick LED returns to normal.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Bannco xScorch Scorch 360 PC is kind of like XCM's XFPS but without the bulk of the actual keyboard and mouse. Like the XFPS line, a wired Xbox 360 controller is required but instead of removing it, it stays plugged in when the Scorch 360 is in use. Both the grip and mouse feels very comfortable in the hands. All buttons are easily accessible. However, the metallic looking paint on the top of the grip and mouse feels a little cheap. I have a feeling that it may rub off with extensive use. Some would prefer to have built-in rechargeable batteries rather than AA batteries but both have its cons and pros...removeable vs. built-in; wireless vs. wired (if plugged into charge). If there is ever a firmware update, you can easily download them from Bannco and flash it to the grip/mouse.

    Those wanting to use headsets to communicate, its suggested that you use a wireless headset but since the controller is still plugged in, you can use a wired headset. This one ups the XCM XFPS line since you only use the wired controller to activate the XFPS and than removing it leaving the only option is a wireless headset.

    Don't worry PlayStation 3 owners, Bannco also has one for the PS3 called FRAGnStein which also works on the PC as well.

    Images via comments
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