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    NDS Duyumania

    News/release from gallosai

    Duyumania: Platformer/brain teaser made for Scenery Beta 2010

    Duyumania: Platformer/brain teaser made for Scenery Beta 2010


    Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, at the begining of the world, there wasn't night, during the day the sun
    shone and in the sunset so did the stars. Santa Claus lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest with their elves, called Duyus,
    and all of them keep protected the spirit of Christmas that gave light to the stars.
    One day, Santa went to fishing, and the moon, dying of envy for not being able to shine in the sky decided to steal christmas and replace
    the stars. To make sure that nobody was able to found them again she hide them around the world.
    When Santa returned home that day he stared horrorized that not only the Spirit of Christmans had been stolen, but whithout the light
    of the stars the Duyus becomed petrified and turned into little blocks.
    Can Santa Regain the christmas stars? Make sure to help him using Duyus and your wit!

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    Sounds promising!

    Thanks for the game, good story.

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