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ThatOtherPerson carries the 0.1 version of its latest homebrew for the Wii to date, "The Video Game". It is a run and gun with no specific target for the time being .

I've Decided to name it The Video Game . A surly furious title That Will anyone Attempting to Discuss It or search for it . Enjoy .

I Had Been neglecting That run and gun Wii game started " I Had a while ago. So I DID Derwent and a bunch of work on it Scrapped Then MOST of It And Then started " working on it again .

Originally I Was going to use sprites ripped Directly actual character from classic games recognizance and Have Both TVs in the background and foreground with images of playing games on 'em . But It Looked just like $#@! . So now There are no TVs ( Though I'm considering HAVING game screen shots Embedded Directly Into the walls) and I'm making unreasonably high pre 3d Models Of The Enemies ( Currently hand -only the invader from Space Invaders ) Constructed out of cubic Which I think looks less out of place in the game .

The game is FAR from done in a semi ITS goal playable state now so I figured I would post a download for it and you can test it out if you want to.

In the Future There Will Be multiple enemies with different kinds of movement patterns and power-ups and Things . The Game Will Also serie actual ending Which Many if not "any of my games really do .