It was reported earlier today that a GameStop rep said the big time US games retailer doesn't like being in the pre-owned games market. Now an 'official spokesperson' for the company has come out to refute those comments as "inaccurate".

The original comments came from an unnamed GameStop rep at the Develop Conference today. "We don't like being in the used games business, but we have to be there. We would have to exit the games business otherwise," they said.

But an 'official spokesperson' has contacted MCV to deflect the reports. "These comments from an unnamed and unknown person claiming to be a GameStop employee are inaccurate," they told MCV.

"Pre-owned is the cornerstone of our business and, as you say, a key driving force for us. Both the buy/sell model and bricks and mortar retail are extremely important for our business both today and in the future as we continue to grow. Our European business is very important to us and we have lots of exciting new developments in the pipeline."

The second hand games market has recently come under fire for its lack of returns for game publishers, and even being accused having of a more damaging effect on the industry than piracy.