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Thread: WiiSX/CubeSX Beta 2.1 Release - PSX Emulator for Gamecube and Wii

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    GC WiiSX/CubeSX Beta 2.1 Release - PSX Emulator for Gamecube and Wii

    The Emulatemii team have released a new version of their Playstation emulator for the Gamecube and Wii:

    Without further adieu, we would like to present a quick bug-fix release for WiiSX and CubeSX - Beta 2.1

    Get it now!

    This release mainly addresses the issues to do with games resetting to their title screens and having unresponsive controls as well as a few other minor bugs. Save states made in the previous version will no longer work in this version as a result of some changes made to save audio state.

    For more detailed changes on what’s new in WiiSX Beta 2.1:
    * Fixed issues where saving was not actually saving
    * Many input plugin improvements
    * Added “Home” button as a menu combo for CC
    * Fixed inverted Y-axis for nunchuk and classic controllers
    * Fixed rumble and added “disable rumble” setting
    * SMB correction to allow anonymous user and password
    * Threaded network init and proper error messages when it fails
    * Audio state saved/loaded for save states

    We’d like to thank the quick and responsive users which have reported the issues we’ve addressed above.

    Enjoy WiiSX Beta 2.1, and if you feel like donating to support our projects, please feel free to visit our Donations page

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    Thanks, the saving problem was a pain.

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