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PriiLoader is developed by Homebrew DacoTaco & phpgeek that can save you from a brig if you do not have it as BootMii boot2 .
Is the direct continuation of the project Preloader Crediar OpenSource past .

This version 0.5 beta 4, just as the beta 3 does not match the rev98 after the official website of the Homebrew , nevertheless we have no information other than the rev98 .

You can configure via the Priiloader Setting Editor and the ability to add a password and launch WW / VC ( if patch ES ).
You can choose to apply the hacks by Priiloader thanks to Hacks.ini Generator Orwell (Including hacks for 4.3).

The Installer / Uninstaller allows you to install or update your current Priiloader without deleting the old version :
Press (+ ) to install or update .
Press (- ) to remove and Priiloader remmetre your system menu .
Press ( B) with an option whether to use the above IOS249 ( cIOS Waninkoko ) .
Press ( HOME ) to exit the installer.

To start or configure Priiloader , press RESET when starting the console .

v0.5 ( rev98 )
- Added info about bootstate 4 .
- Applied the dol / elf loading installed to fix file .
- Changed variable type has to fix the $#@! of your warnings about dolstart .

v0.5 ( rev97 )
- Fixed dol / elf loading FINAL this time .
- Made binaries load from memory ( just loads BootDolFromDir fraud Into the memory and passes it on to BootDolFromMem ).

v0.5 ( rev96 )
- Memory leaks , got to love them > _ >

v0.5 ( rev95 )
- Changed online updating ' AGAIN. This time you get a list ( Which updates are available and SUCH ) & IS changelog added .