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I found this today : a french newcomer on the DS homebrew scene is starting a port of Spelunky, the infamous "Rick Dangerous-like with chunks of Rouge-like" freeware indie game gem by Derek Yu. (in french in the text)

For the v1.0, he aims to implement :
- Randomly generated levels (cave theme only)
- Simple treasures (coins, gold, gems)
- Basic enemies (snakes, bats...)

He's now on v0.1.8 which already contains :
- Collision engine
- Basics movement (no climbing though)
- Random generation almost complete

Let's wish him the best luck possible : Derek Yu released the source code, but being made with Game Maker make it hard to convert unless starting from scratch.

DS homebrew Overlords please hear my prays and help this guy achieve this divine task : having Spelunky on DS would be the promise of tons of hours filled with fun !