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Thread: Apple posts record $3.25b profit in first full quarter of iPad sales

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    ipod Apple posts record $3.25b profit in first full quarter of iPad sales

    Apple just posted up its third quarter earnings -- its first full quarter selling the iPad -- and, well, it's raining cash in Cupertino. The company posted a record profit of $3.35b on record revenues of $15.7b, which is up from $1.83b and $9.73b from a year ago. The big stat? Apple sold 3.27 million iPads, nearly matching the 3.47 million Macs sold -- and Mac sales were up 33 percent from a year ago to set a new quarterly record. Yeah, damn. iPhone sales -- including the first few weeks of the iPhone 4 -- were up 61 percent from a year ago to 8.4 million, and the iPod continued its slow decline, down eight percent to 9.41 million units sold. Over half of the Apple's sales -- 52 percent -- were international, and Jobs is quoted saying "we have amazing new products still to come this year." Not a bad way to head into back-to-school and the holidays, we suppose -- we've got a feeling those iPad numbers are just going to go up. The conference call to discuss all this is at 5pm ET, we'll be covering it live right here.

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    So a breakdown...

    3.27 million iPads sold as at close of play 26 June. Given Apple sold iPad 3 million on 21 June let's say that they shifted 270,000 in five and a half days or 50,000 a day in that period. That's 1.5 million a month on that rate so well on course to shift 10 million this year if demand remains constant. Surprising but, hey, those are the numbers.

    8.4 million iPhones sold this quarter, up 61% on this time last year... but crucially down 350K on last quarter and 330K on the quarter before that. Considering Q3 spiked on Q2 last year does this suggest that demand has stabilised?

    iPods down by 8%... not unexpected and in line with the way the market's going. I'd be interested to see what the split is, particularly iPod Touches sold.

    3.47 million Macs is good as well and in line with overall PC growth. A good sign that recovery is well in effect.

    So... very good. The iPad is selling even better than they imagined, Macs are strong and the iPhone... well, that's interesting.
    For iPad users:

    A good quarter. Next quarter's iPhone sales will be interesting

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