Atari's forthcoming horror-fest Alone in the Dark has been delayed. Originally expected toward the end of this year, the publisher's revealed that it now won't be out until the company's 2008 fiscal year - so between April 2007 and March 2008.

Mentioning the new target period for the title in a recent conference call with analysts, Atari boss Bruno Bonnell explained "We are announcing effectively Alone in the Dark as one of our franchisees for the future". He also implied the publisher has big plans for the franchise: "We actually are extending Alone in the Dark to some other formats right now we have not even announced yet... I don't want to be forward, but it will be announced shortly."

According to a report on GameSpot, Brunnell went on to re-affirm the delayed Alone in the Dark is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3, but made no mention of the previously announced PC version. This has led to speculation that the PC version of the game has been binned, but Atari's UK arm has informed us this morning that the PC interation is "still confirmed".

Atari's Alone in the Dark game marks the return of the survival horror granddaddy, and this modern reinvention of the series will, hopefully, be scary, spooky, and make us fill our pants with big poopie. The present-day setting of New York's Central Park plays host to the title's grisly events.