Super Street Fighter IV has 35 characters. A flyer doing the rounds this afternoon suggests it may get more.

The Japanese text on a flyer for the upcoming arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV says: "Here comes new challengers?!" Yes, with a question mark.

While the text may relate to the characters that were added to the roster for the release of the home console version of Super Street Fighter IV, we've had a look at a scan of the flyer (thanks Eventhubs) and it appears the text relates to unknown characters.

We've been told the flyer is the work of Capcom's arcade division, which acts independently from other divisions.

But there's nothing stopping Capcom patching new characters into the home console version at some point, and, of course, making them available for a fee.

Super Street Fighter 4 arcade location tests start this weekend in Japan, apparently, so we should know if any new characters are in the works soon.