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thatotherdev offers version 1.1 of its RPGPineapple Apocalypse RPG" for the Wii .

Pineapple RPG Apocalypse Was The first homebrew program I ever Publicly released for Wii and year long overdue update has-beens for it. So here it is.

The frame rate fewer spectators IS What It Was ( it now runs at a smooth 60 frames per second) . You can now play the game OPTIONALLY using a classic controller . I fixed the bug That Caused the game to freak out has not mutated pineapple Whenever Attacked you . Two tiles I fixed it That map That WHERE Being not unreasonably high . The text boxes Have Been Slightly repositioned away from the top and bottom of the screen to Ensure That They Are Fully visible. I added a text box to remind you Which Was button to save and to load WHICH IS (I Always Got 'em confused ). I added background music ( Aeroplanes by Nanodrone ) . The game now Also Has A home menu just like all my more recent games.

The home menu is Actually Slightly Improved from How It Was in my last few " games . You can now bring it up using a classic controller and the cursor Move event and click "any of the buttons using a classic controller and I got it working without it interfering When you want to use the cursor with the Wiimote IR sensor . The background blur has-beens Slightly tweaked and now the picture gets a bit Even brightened and dulled . With the PC version of the filtering effect Smoothly transitions purpose I'm still not happy with how it works Smoothly Wii it (the frame rate dips a bit) so on the Wii effect IS Still Simply Either gold is off . I Doubt ITS Noticeable the goal has been " Improved frame rate for the Home menu, as well . IT WAS in the 50s and Its now at The Intended 60 frames per second .