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maRk2512 offers a preview version of its new puzzle game for the Nintendo DS "Sokoban Touch & Go!" .

Here's a early preview version of my latest project " Sokoban Touch & GO ! "
Yes , i know ... ... Another sokoban game. Goal "give it a try .
I'm a fan of sokoban big - but i hate this endless " keyboard hacking In Other games .
With the new stylus control you can play comfortably sokoban like Never Before !
This game has lot of old recycled stuff from sacrifice part of my training projects. ( from old PuzzleBoy Pathfinding IS BETA , 3d classes from BlueBear , ect ... )
Have fun!

PS : A : Restart the map , B : Undo moves
EDIT : The games uses NitroFS so you need a compatible flashcard hbmenu gold .,648.0.html