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Of course I did. Because I finally came up with a z-sorting function for the sprites. Seriously, that was complicated, and probably the current one needs adjustments.

This release is less focused of the 2.5D engine (I learned that name the other day!), so you might want to check the engine peek 5 if you havenít, because itís awesome to understand the 2.5D engine Iíve implemented.

Controls, quick
Since I removed the intro script where I explained the controls, letís do it quickly:
While moving:
pad to move, A to jump (or double jump), B to interact (this is new. stand in the purple square and you will be explained), X to switch to tofu frog, Y to switch back to Pol. L to use the favorite item (if any). Start to pause and set the control to the GUI. In GUI, left or right to select a menu. Up or A to select it. You can also touch them for more quickness. anyway, only inventory works.
While on inventory:
A to use, X to toss, Select to change an itemís position, and L to favorite an item. You can also use the touchpad, touching the corresponding tabs. Some items donít allow certain actions. Just so you know, the actions for Y and B arenít implemented yet.

So, what have you done in this?
To begin with, it has the logo at the beginning which is cute.

And then, well, objects can now be cuboids Ė previously, they all were cylinders.
You can transform into tofu frog, a character that will be in the game. it walks by hopping and can also jump high
GUI. You have an inventory Ė currently full of apples.
Events: signposts, floor events and NPCs. Walk into the purple block and read instructions.
And more that you can check by downloading and playing.

Of course it is. So hereís the download link again. Please comment with suggestions, bugs, etc. You know the drill.