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libnds 1.4.4 and default arm7 0.5.13 along with updated ds examples are now available through the windows installer as usual and from the getting started page on the wiki.

libnds 1.4.4
Refactored and improved eeprom detection code.
changed timerStop() to clear the entire register and an internal variable.
added timerTick(), timerPause(), timerStop(), timerUnpause() and cpuGetTiming() functions.
fixed overflow bug in timerElapsed.
restored stderr output on default console.
added oamClearSprite() to clear a single sprite.
corrected keyboard = symbol.
improved and extended doxygen documentation.

default arm7 0.5.13
recompiled with latest libraries.

nds-examples 20100724
updates for new libnds.
added several new timer examples.

With thanks to Vuurobin for his major contributions to this release.