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Thread: Watch girls massage each other in Nintendo-approved Wii game

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    Rev Watch girls massage each other in Nintendo-approved Wii game

    A 'mildly suggestive' game in which lovely ladies massage other lovely ladies is making its way to WiiWare.

    Enjoy Your Massage! (the exclamation mark is VITAL) is the creation of naughty Italian scamps Microforum Ltd - and focuses on your personal journey as you are hired as an apprentice at Giselle's beauty farm.

    Yes, that's right. A beauty farm. Where they raise and milk beauty - and where beauty lays eggs.

    Not really, it's more like a spa. Our beauty farm would be very different. And would probably be run by Old McBeauty.

    Anyway, back to the game. Some of Giselle's staff are a bit inappropriately dressed for greasy hand work, as, indeed, are the clientèle.

    The screenshots here portray the worst of 'em - including stocking-clad Layla (who's 'always looking for a relaxing massage before a concert') and Sarah ('a beautiful and successful golfer'). She's a bit like Colin Montgomorie in that respect.

    The 'mildly suggestive' line comes from the ESRB trailer, which you can see below.

    We're not sure what they mean. It's all good, wholesome fun, right readers?

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