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New update to the most famous emulator of the Nintendo 64 on PSP. The review of 546 Daedalus X64 brings improvements designed to ensure greater compatibility with titles like Batman, NASCAR and Mario 64. Other minor bugs and fixes regarding the display of debugging information.
Following the full changelog and download link .

Changelog :

- Simplify logic to handle game -specific hacks , Also Improved debug info When hacks are Applied to roms.
- Added a hack to fix issues in depth Nascar games
- Added WIP to get rid off zfighting (only enabled for batman atm , might be tricky to get right for two games to PSP hardware limitations ..)
- Enabled guNormalize_Mario (small speed up in the games That use this patch ex : Mario 64)
- Added a hack to disable patch for guNormalize_Mario Mario Kart.
- Corrected small typo from last commit.