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Here comes another NitePR cheat-engine mod, and know this, this isn’t your usual lame ass colour and/or text string changes; this is raing3′s mod taking NitePR to the PSP Action Replay (PSPAR) level, meaning you can use PSPAR cheat codes with said cheat engine. CWCHEAT-style codes are supported too. That’s right.

Copy the whole PSPAR directory to seplugins and add the appropriate line — ms0:/seplugins/PSPAR/pspar.prx 1 — to game.txt.

To get cheating: Start your game and press the “Home” button twice followed by a simultaneous press of VOL UP + VOL DOWN. Press “Note” to enable the cheats.

And should you only want to load PSPAR v1 (this NitePR mod) for select games, you know, if memory consumption is a concern, or for whatever other reason, then take a look at AtomicDryad’s selective PSP plugin loader.

All the rest follows… Good lookin’ out, raing3.

Changes in v1 (July 24, 2010)
[+] Added support for a _C2 code name line. _C2 codes are active irrespective of the cheat engine status.
[+] Can now insert a new CWCheat code from menu under PRX by pressing SQUARE.
[+] Added support for the remaining CWCheat pointer code types.
[!] Fixed the 0x0E PSPAR code type.
[!] Various bug fixes.

Changes in Beta 2.1 (July 22, 2010)
[!] Fixed issue loading codes when end of read buffer is reached.
[+] Added support for single pointer CWCheat code type.

Changes in Beta 2 (July 21, 2010)
[+] Added tool to convert the pspar_codes1.bin file to a format compatible with this cheat device.
[+] Implemented some CWCheat code types (very untested).
[+] Codes are loaded from a single cheat.db file.
[!] Problem loading and storing 8/16-bit values.

Changes in Beta 1 (July 18, 2010)
[+] Added PSPAR Code Type Support (note: May Have Some Buggy Code Types).
[-] Removed NitePR Code Type Support.
[-] Removed the SOCOM stuff.
[-] Removed the off value function.
[?] Cheat Hz changed from 0 to 15 by default.
[?] Real address mode active by default for browser and decoder.
[?] Real addresses should be used for codes as PSPAR uses real addresses.

[+] New/Improved Feature
[-] Removed Feature
[!] Fixed Bug
[?] Other Stuff