Psai®, Periscope Studio Hamburg’s unique interactive audio middleware for videogames, is being premiered with its first ‘TECHLAB’ live-action video.

Available to view via the Psai® website, the premier video shows the dynamism, intelligence and simplicity of the Psai® interactive audio middleware in action.

The ‘Lightsaber’ video stars Periscope Art Director Finn Seliger demonstrating a ‘virtual sword fight’ with the use of a Nintendo Remote, illustrating through aggressive and passive hand movements, the music score instantly and seamlessly adapting to his actions.

Finn explains, “We wanted to capture Psai’s®, capabilities, its reaction times to different playing styles, its immersive qualities and above all, its simplicity and beauty. In this case, we’re showing off the ‘Action’ mode and our Lightsaber demonstration captures this perfectly. It’s fun to watch!”

Periscope Studio Hamburg stated that this will be the first of a number of TECHLAB videos focused on Psai® culminating in a yet-to-be-announced videogame demo scheduled for Gamescom 2010 in Cologne.

Finn concludes, “With Psai®, players will be controlling – almost conducting – their own soundtrack. Every style of gameplay and genre is supported; from FPS’s to Racing games, RPG’s to Adventure, everything is covered. Psai® simply means that each and every player will have a gameplay experience which is unique.”

To view this ground breaking technology in action, go to