Eve Online developer CCP has told CVG that fixing the lag on mass fleet battles in the game is its 'No.1 priority'.

We reported this morning that fans of the MMO were claiming latency had made the game unplayable following a patch update.

However, a CCP spokesperson told CVG this afternoon:

'CCP has invested significant time and resources throughout EVE's history on increasing the performance of fleet fights. We've always had a team of developers devoted to improving our technology and in recent years we made exponential headway through massive server upgrades and initiatives like "Stackless IO".

'Currently, unsurprisingly, this effort is our No.1 development priority and we have given the specialised team carte blanche in re-attaining 1,000+ player fleet battles that EVE is famous for.

'With the help of the EVE community on the test server, we believe we are close to some investigative breakthroughs and will continue to relay any progress via our developer blogs.'