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Thread: 3DS to cost under £200?

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    NDS 3DS to cost under £200?

    Though we won’t be finding out the retail price of the 3DS until September 29th – and for the UK price the wait may well be far longer – Nintendo has hinted that the device could cost less than many have predicted.
    Last month UK retail told MCV that it wouldn’t be surprised to see the 3DS priced at around £200, and earlier this week analyst Michael Pachter estimated that it could retail for as much as $250 in the US.
    Now Nintendo’s UK marketing manager James Honeywell has hinted that the actual street cost might be somewhat less.
    “Price, we haven't made any kind of announcement at the moment,” he told ONM. “The Nintendo DSi is available for around £129.99. The Nintendo DSi XL, with the larger screens, is around £159.99. So obviously, it's going to fit, kind of, somewhere within that kind of architecture.”
    Though it’s a far from definitive statement, that could point to something in the region of £160-£180 – a move that would certainly be welcomed by retail, particularly if it were to be released this Q4.

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    Under over, backwards forwards. How much?!

    Find out on September 28th

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