Avanquest Software Publishing has released Hidden Mysteries: Titanic Secrets of the Fateful Voyage on the Nintendo DSTM and WiiTM to retail today. Set on board the RMS Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage, this puzzle adventure game challenges players to explore and search the ship for hundreds of hidden objects. Time is critical as gamers must complete puzzles in a race against the clock before the vessel sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The game features 20 levels full of puzzles that gamers must decode in order to solve some of the mysteries behind the greatest maritime tragedy of all time. Meeting fellow passengers for help along the way, players must explore a variety of locations ranging from the boiler room and passenger cabins to the ship’s grand stairway, making it safely into a lifeboat before it’s too late.

Players follow the ship’s timeline from departure at Southampton docks on the 10th of April 1912 and are required to successfully complete puzzles and unravel secrets up to the tragic night of the 15th. Items collected such as photographs, cigar cases and compasses are added to an inventory list displayed on the bottom screen, these items can be dragged and dropped to the relevant area on the screen when needed to complete a puzzle.

Clicking on the map icon in the corner of the screen enables players to see which areas of the ship need navigating. A hint symbol is also available to help direct users to the location of objects in particularly complex and challenging levels. Players can also follow different paths within the game, which produce multiple unique endings depending on the choices made. Exclusive to the WiiTM edition are interactive puzzles using the WiiTM remote and an unlockable bonus level which takes you back below the seas to the Titanic wreck, nearly 100 years after the ship’s sinking.

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic Secrets of the Fateful Voyage is available on the Nintendo DS and Wii today.