On top of giving away a beta key for DICE's Battlefield 3, EA has detailed the contents of its Medal Of Honor Limited Edition pack.

The publisher has confirmed that it will be offering buyers of the PS3 version a special treat - a free HD remastered version of MoH: Frontlines.

Despite 360 and PC fans not being offered the same bonus, EA has announced plenty of gun-based goodies in the LE across the consoles.

The pack will feature special content including the MP-7 - a weapon used by real-world Tier 1 Operators in the field - as well as two powerful shotguns with custom slugs.

An all-new Medal of Honor gameplay trailer, directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, will air this Sunday.

The trailer will feature never-before-seen in-game footage set to the band's recently-announced single The Catalyst. We'll have it up on CVG, of course, but you can watch it through the link below, too.

Medal of Honor is due for release on October 12 in North America and October 15 in Europe on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.