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Thread: Alone in the Dark keeps the lights off a bit longer

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    ps3 Alone in the Dark keeps the lights off a bit longer

    Atari was dealt some pretty bad numbers the past year -- losses were at their highest in a while overall. This is partially why the next-gen iteration of Alone in the Dark has been pushed back to mid-2007, maybe into 2008. Atari does anticipate the title to be their big game for next year and let's hope they are right. Atari has even announced that the game will come to other formats not yet mentioned (and still haven't been named specifically) and that may help out. Not sure how a DS rendition of the game would do, but it's a cute idea.

    CEO Bruno Bonnell also talked about the likelihood of more console-specific titles and exclusives overall. He claims that "ports are going to be a little more difficult because the machines are becoming more and more specific." Ouch. That sounds like a shot at the cell processor for the PS3, but every machine is being built in very different ways (the Wii's gimmick innovative control style comes to mind). Also mentioned were game prices for the next generation. Surprisingly, Bonnell offered his thoughts that games won't cost much more other than a "massive title with crazy costs." If only he were right, but the 360 has already raised the bar by ten dollars and that will probably continue for a little while.

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    Alone in the dark was a good game. Im looking forward to this next release, too bad its been pushed back some more though.

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