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The development of the plugin pulpit by the coder AtomicDryad , proceeds sent and reaches the beta v0.4 . As we now know , this handy plugin lets you choose which plugins should take action when you start certain games or content. The management options offered are many , we may only activate the plugin for UMD games , or those assigned to a specific category (if we use the game categories ), or ISO which contain a special prefix or individually indicating GAME ID. The management is entrusted to the plugin file pergame.txt that will be read by pergame.prx each time you start an application.
Following further information and download links .

Changelog and Installation:


- ISO detection more reliable , using an M33 function now , direct memory address by reading depricated . umdID is still detected by memory read until / to the unless I find better means.
- blacklisting modules with ' ! / seplugins / mod.prx ' . Blacklists They must be before the blacklist entries . The top of premises . plugins conf file is best .
- type and firmware version psp now detected , and memory addresses are adjusted accordingly .
- No longer autosort autosorts without ' autosort = 1 '
- pergame.txt options added: ' oldisopath = 1 ' (use old memory -read isofinder ) umdaddr = 0x880137B0 ( mem addr WHERE UMDID is found .)

1. Download the archive pergame_v0.4.rar
2. Unzip the contents of the main root of the MS (the folder src is not necessary)
3. In the path ms0 : / seplugins / edit (or create if not present ) the file game.txt adding the following string : ms0 : / seplugins / pergame.prx 1

NOTE : For information about using this plugin remember to consult the README.TXT in the archive