hi all,

recently i have been going through my psx/ps2 collection, adding dummy files to cd's and dvd's whenever possible.

what i have been doing is adding the dummy file to the START of the disk, ie. it is the first file to be burned to the disk (so the dummy file is near the centre of the disk).. (also means the dummy file has the lowest LBA number).

but, sometimes when i look at some other peoples ready made ps2/psx dvd/cd iso's/.bin+.cue, i notice that other people when they add dummy files to their disks, they have the dummy file positioned LAST on their disk, so it is near the outer edge of the disk instead (last LBA position in the compilation). and this would mean their game files would be positioned/stored/loaded first on the disk, near the centre.

so please, can anyone confirm, where should a dummy file go. should it be the FIRST file on the disk, or the LAST!!?!?!? i assume this would apply to both cd's and dvd's?

ps. i am assuming that the ps2 laser has to work harder near the centre of a disk.. which is why i would think that the dummy file should be first on a disk (low LBA number), and the ps2/psx game files should be found later on the disk near the outer edge? is this correct? i just cant understand why some people in their .iso/bin+cue images have the dummy file found LAST on the disk. have they made a mistake in their disk compiling?