Jason West and Vincent Zampella of Respawn Entertainment are to appear at this year's QuakeCon - their public appearance since their controversial sacking from Activision.

The release of the id Software fan conference's full line-up has confirmed that the former Infinity Ward bosses will be part of a panel named 'Building Blockbusters.'

It is unknown whether the duo will reveal any details on Respawn's mystery first game, or if their contribution to the discussion - also including id's Tim Willits and Bethesda's Todd Howard - will focus on their Call of Duty work.

Other speakers at the three-day event include John Carmack and his traditional keynote, assorted members of Splash Damage, Human Head and Arkane, and further Bethesda, id and Respawn staffers.

The panels focus on design, story, sound and art - plus a special event in which Carmack and fellow space enthusiast Richard Garriott discuss their adventures in rocketry.

QuakeCon is hosted at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, and runs from 12 to 15 August. The full speaker line-up is available on the official site.